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Chris Marcelle, Broker, MBA, CF, NLP

"How to GET TO BEST"

Business Developer and Planning

Entrepreneur Events

Speaker Promoter

Training (Real Estate Investing and Training)

Her over 30 years expertise in Business planning and development, Real Estate Investing, and Personal Development has made her sought after throughout the US.

Her Passion for life and people has made her extremely well rounded and versed in people and business. Her study of the Psyche coupled with her Masters in Business makes her an ultimate authority on removing blocks and moving forward. She is a Change Master.

Chris loves to share the stage and also help other grow through her joint venturing Event Planning and Marketing company.

"This is the year of joint venturing. If you really want to increase your power think cooperation... "I can help change that mindset"  (Chris Marcelle)

If your Company (or YOU)  are in need of a pick me up, contact Chris Marcelle for one of her many Effective Seminars. 321.258.5916

"Give me five (5) minutes of your time and I will be able to access whether I can help you, and If I can't, I know someone who can!" (Chris Marcelle)

  • Persistence & Perseverance,
  • Decisions, Choices, Opportunities, Oh My!,
  • Too much chatter at the Water Cooler?,
  • Motivation & Achieving your Goals,
  • Time Management,
  • Effective Communication,
  • Closing the Deal,
  • Contract Negotiations,
  • Money Mindset
  • Marketing vs Selling and more....

Chris is also available for online consultation, individual and groups.

The Best Biz Solutions!

 "Number One Business Book... the ultimate success book for your business"  Now available in through Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Watch for her Personal Adventure as written in her book

"Metamorphosis, from Invisible to Invincible"

 Please visit her websites at www.chrismarcelle.com. Please Call her today! 321.258.5916

George Connelly, client

“Chris is a true professional. Her attention to detail and her real estate expertise has allowed me to close on several real estate objectives. Chris also has the ability to deal with all types of people in difficult situations without losing sight of the goals and objectives of her clients. I would definitely recommend Chris for any positions in which a high degree of expertise is required and where trustworthiness and integrity are also needed.” August 13, 2011 George Connelly

David Moallem, Owner, M. David Moallem, Inc. Properties

“Chris is a professional and accomplished. She impresses me both in business and personal life. David Moallem” August 15, 2011

Albert Lynch, MBA, Owner Creative Commercial Mortgages

“I have known Chris for 7 years plus and have worked with her on numerous occasions.She always brings her A game which entails an energetic creative approach based on her experience and knowledge. Obviously I highly recommend her. Al Lynch Owner of "Creative Commercial Mortgages"” August 15, 2011

Anita, Passionista, Torres, M.S., CPLP, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Enlightened Alliances

“I met Chris at the Ft. Lauderdale Passion Test Certification Workshop in January 2012. From the moment she said "hello"....she got me with her warmth, loving heart, and genuine smile. Chris was there as a volunteer to support the event with some amazing music and her incredible self --- committed to inspiring others to live an amazing life full of passion.” July 15, 2012

Patience Killen, Broker, Jordan Real Estate, Nantucket RI

“Chris is clear,concise and knowledgeable in her presentations. Her enthusiasm and helpful reminders and suggestion moved me into the subject matter with ease.” July 9, 2012

Becky Foulke, Rehab Coordinator

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“The passion test and classes have helped empower others as well as myself to pursue dreams and build a fulfilling life. Chris is a compassionate and focused facilitator.” July 9, 2012

Ernie Thibodeaux, President, TechRite, Inc.

“Chris has an ability to get people like me (with two left feet) to actually learn how to ballroom dance. Being an engineer is probably one of the hardest things for me to dance but it was easy with Chris. Way to go Chris keep up the good work!!! Ernie” August 15, 2011

Harriet Heuser,Investment Professional
Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

“Chris is one woman who has it all. Beauty, creativity, sensitivity, compassion and with all these attributes it gives her the ability to be aware of peoples needs and desires by listening and to fulfill them through music and dance. She has taught my partner and I to dance with an awareness of dance, to excel in our dancing so much so that people ask that we dance for them and with them. Neither I nor my partner ever sit out a dance thanks to Chris and her ability to teach. Chris is always continuing to learn which enhances her dancing lessons and music. I highly recommend Chris as a DJ, as a dance instructor and as a person well worth knowing in the music world.” August 13, 2011

"With her diverse background and many exceptional talents, Chris is a woman of exceptional integrity and values. Her deep commitment to service to others makes her a superior coach and motivator. When you work with Chris you know she truly cares about you and the outcome and she is committed to helping you be your best and get the best results, in whatever area she is working with you. Karen Londos, K-LO Enterprises, Inc"
Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity